Mobile Device Stand

Clarius Arm holds phones and tablets — it's extendable from 120mm to 205mm. The flexible arm (200 mm) can be placed where you need it for the best viewing angle. Attach it to a stable base or clip.

Clarius Dock

Store up to 3 scanners and charge 5 batteries at once.

cart for handheld ultrasound

Clarius Stand

Display and secure your iPad on the Clarius Stand. The basket gives you a convenient place to store your gel and scanner. (Supports iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2).

Clarius fan attachment

Fan Attachment

Extend your scanning time with the Clarius Fan. It hardly takes any battery power.

Clarius charger

Battery Charger

For those who want a battery charger for more than one location.

Clarius batteries


An extra battery charger in addition to the one that already comes with each Clarius scanner.

Clarius linear clip-on

Linear Clip-on

Turn the Clarius C3 into a linear scanner for quick vascular access procedures.  Image quality doesn't match the Clarius L7, but it's remarkably effective when you only want to carry one scanner with you.

Clarius cross-body bag

Cross-body Bag

The cross-body bag holds two scanners and a small tablet, or one scanner, a small tablet, and a bottle of gel. 

Clarius belt bag

Belt Bag

Our belt bag comes with an adjustable belt for your waist or you can thread your own belt through the loop on the back. It holds one Clarius scanner.

Clarius phased array clip-on

Phased Array Clip-on

Turn the Clarius C3 into a phased array scanner.