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Access to traditional, large OB/GYN systems can be a challenge when the need is just to have a quick look to evaluate pregnancy progress. Laptops are too heavy to transport around for mobile exams. The Clarius Wireless scanners are pocket-sized ultrasound systems that have the resolution of larger systems and allow you to perform extensive exams, on the go or in the office. They also offer many patient-friendly advantages such as one-click multimedia production of baby movies and streaming to multiple displays.

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Ultrasound that travels with you

Take ultrasound with you anywhere. The Clarius scanner weighs less than a pound. It can pair with most phones and tablets, making it an ultraportable ultrasound machine.

High Resolution Wireless Ultrasound

Don't be constrained by bulky cart-based ultrasound. Have freedom to take ultrasound from room-to-room easily.

  • Superior image quality

    The Clarius Scanner produces top image quality that no other hand held can compete with.

  • OB Automated Presets

    Go through exams with ease with our specialty OB auto presets.

Clarius C3 wireless ultrasound scanner and the Clarius App on a smartphone

Cast live scanning to a TV or tablet

Enhance your patient’s experience by having them view the exam live on multiple devices

Clarius stand

Display scanning on Wall or Cart

Display live scanning on multiple screens, whether it's a wall mounted display or one mounted on a cart.

Doctor uses a computer in a hospital office

FREE Access to our Cloud-based Exam Portal

Easily and securely manage your exams and images from anywhere with an internet connection. Email images right from the cloud.

Clarius Act One movie on an iPad

Create High Quality Videos

Create lasting memories for your patients with our value-added video generator. These videos can be easily shared via email or social media by your customers.

Clinical Images

User Reviews

First and foremost, the high-quality imaging is what I love about the Clarius Scanner. Clarius Cloud makes my life so easy by seamlessly documenting all my exams, images and videos; it is especially useful for OB. In addition to storing my exams for easy access, Clarius Cloud allows me to share and generate reports instantaneously. I like that the scanner and tablet automatically connect without the hassle of entering serial numbers or passwords every time. Lastly, the touchscreen controls on my iPad and iPhone are very intuitive.

Eduardo Pontes Reis, MD

Myriam Hughes

I loved the simplicity of switching on the screen from abdominal to cardiac, obstetric, and lung—even for difficult to scan patients. Clarius saves a lot of time during rounds, especially when there is not a radiologist at hand. There is no comparison between the sharpness and clearness of the image from the Clarius C3 to the other machines, even some portable ones we had available, making this the preferable device during my time overseas.

Myriam Hughes, MD

Internal Medicine, Resident
Doctor scans a patient with a Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner

The Clarius C3 ultrasound has served my diverse needs exceedingly well. As director of a pediatric project in Cambodia it has the durability and ease of use I need. As an emergency medicine physician in the United States I have found its image quality and functionality meets all of our highest standards there.

William Housworth, MD MPH

Chenla Children's Healthcare
Richard Abrams

Technical support from Clarius has been truly remarkable. I’ve enjoyed acquiring new skills in sonography. I can only hope that all medical students will learn to obtain and read ultrasound images. The Clarius scanner should eventually replace the stethoscope in the pocket of every white coat.

Richard Abrams, MD

Denver, Colorado, USA
Rob Park

With the appropriate training, these tools could be amazingly useful in a rural area for initial triage of conditions ranging from abdominal aortic aneurysms to broken ribs.

Rob Park, MD

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Herbert Schuster

Clarius is the perfect tool to carry with me on home visits. Because of its portability, I can assess a patient right away and potentially avoid any unnecessary transport to a clinic. Despite its small size, the Clarius scanner has an image quality that is comparable to my standard ultrasound device in practice.

Herbert Schuster, MD

Berlin, Germany
Kevin Irish

As a radiologist, the main pros for using Clarius is its portability and ease of use. There are no cables, no need to find a plug, no need to have a large room to allow for bulky equipment. I literally walk into a room with the patient and can begin scanning.

Kevin Irish, MD

Chenla Children's Healthcare

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