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Ultrasound research systems are typically large and bulky, and most devices used for pharmaceutical trials are better suited for diagnostics than for clinical research due to their complex operation. Clarius Ultrasound Scanners provide a mobile solution for conducting research and data acquisition. With raw data offerings, a streaming API, and 3D positional information, researchers can gain access to much more data than just the images, and all Clarius Scanners come with HIPAA-compliant Clarius Cloud access for simple data management.

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  • Ultrasound for Pharma Trials

    Ultrasound is the perfect tool to measure physiological parameters not seen with other modalities, such as IMT and FMD for vascular health, aortic measurements for AAA screening, use of power Doppler for Arthritis, and attenuation measurements for liver health. These parameters can be combined for gauging drug efficiency and selecting proper treatment.

  • Simplified Data Acquisition

    Clarius Scanners are connected to the Cloud by default and have fully automated imaging capabilities. Deploying a large number of scanners to perform a study is simple and allows for operator independence and repeatability.

  • Data Analysis

    All data gets securely uploaded to the HIPAA-compliant Clarius Cloud where additional measurement, analysis, and reporting can be performed. Global trials can be easily setup as the data will be available for analysis through the portal anywhere in the world.

Ultrasound that travels with you

Take ultrasound with you anywhere. The Clarius scanner weighs less than a pound. It can pair with most phones and tablets, making it an ultraportable ultrasound machine.

Raw Data Collection

Clarius offers raw data packages that allow for the collection of RF, IQ, and B-mode signals, as well as the ability to obtain 3D inertial measurement unit information for potential volumetric reconstruction.

Clarius Cloud
Clarius App on an iPhone

Cloud Access

Exams can be accessed from Clarius Cloud anywhere in the world, it's HIPAA-compliant and gives access to captured images, cine-loops, and raw data.

Clarius C3 handheld ultrasound scanner

C3 Curved

Our C3 scanner can go from scanning the abdomen, to the heart, to extremities without changing devices. 
Clarius L7 linear wireless ultrasound scanner

L7 Linear

The L7 supports our needle visualization.

Ultrasound image on a smartphone

High Resolution

The Clarius Scanner produces top image quality that no other hand held can compete with. Seeing is believing, so check out our image gallery below.

Clinical Images

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